Meeting Sunday 10/23/16

6:10 PM (Donut House), 12 in attendance, recorded by Jacob Schell


  • Chatelaine:Nothing to report.
  • Master of Stables:Nothing to report.
  • Gold Key:Open. Clothes need to be laundered.
  • Chronicler:Contacted Baronial Webmistress/Webmaster to correct broken links on Baronial webpage.
  • Lists:Open.
  • Exchequer:Branden MacAlun is the new Canton Exchequer until February 2017.
  • Herald:Open. Rob Agnee expressed interest in office of Herald.
  • A&S:Quarterly report waiting to be typed up and submitted by 11/1/16. A&S nights be begin again in January.
  • Seneschal:Quarterly reports due. Suhayla will be extending her tenure while she looks for a replacement.

Old Business:

    No old business

Event Business:

    Feast of Fools:
    • Site reserved and paid for.
    Defender of the Hart:
    • Still unsure of site location.
    Coeur d'Con:
    • Pending
    St. Patrick's Day Parade:
    • Possibly going to take part in the Parade

New Business:

  • A&S possibly to start up again in Jan
  • Beginning discussion of changing meeting days to another night of the week during the event season
  • Seneschal will be staying on for the time being
Next meeting November 6th

7:15 PM Meeting closed

In Attendance:

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