Meeting Sunday 9/11/16

6:03 PM (Donut house), 7 in attendance, recorded by Branden MacAlun


Chatelain :
  • 3 New contacts
  • Chatelain has been added to the Kingdom mailing list
  • Checking inventory on contact cards and checking on changing the cards slightly
  • Chatelaine also checking on business cards
Master of Stables :
  • New fighters are close to being authorized
  • New marshals are in training
  • 2 FP including YAC
Gold Key:
  • The Garb needs to be laundered before Feast of Fools
Lists :
  • Open
Exchequer :
  • Balance same as last month
  • Budget submitted for review by Canton
Herald :
  • Open
A&S :
  • A&S Minister is looking to find a time to schedule meetings
Seneschal :
  • Seneschal attended Seneschal and Exchequer meetings at Crown

Old Business:

  • Feast of Fools is awaiting confirmation that event has been added to Kingdom Calendar
  • Feast will be 3 removes; Autocrat is looking for ideas to make the event more attractive and draw more people
  • A&S to be a Faux Pas competition

Coeur d'Con Demo report:

  • 100+ contacts made
  • Heavy Fighters on site: Thorgrinn
  • Rapier on site: Wilhelus of Wealdsmere, Mora MacNamara of Lyonsmarche
  • Additional personnel: Ted the Merchant, Brandan MacAlun, Viola of Wealdsmere

New Business:

Exchequer: Budget Proposal:
  • Feast of Fools Budget approved for 2017 & 2018
  • Defender of the Hart approved for 2017 only
  • Officer's budgets approved for 2017 & 2018
Defender of the Hart:
  • Date scheduled for June 9-11, 2017
  • Suhayla will be stepping down as Seneschal
  • Horses are NOT service animals and are not covered under site insurance

7:24 PM Meeting closed

In Attendance:

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