Meeting Sunday 8/7/16

6:09 PM (Donut house), 7 in attendance, recorded by Arthur Bearden


  • Chatelaine: Not present. No report.
  • Master of Stables: No action last month.
  • Gold Key: Open. Clothes still need laundering.
  • Chronicler: No news. Brendan (Jake) will take over next month.
  • Lists: Open.
  • Exchequer: $2671.11 balance, thorough audit ongoing. Budget is complete, to be voted on next month. Need receipt for rattan.
  • Herald: Open.
  • A&S: Quarterly report complete. No further news. Sigred offered to teach classes.
  • Seneschal: Quarterly reports due. No news.

Old Biz

Defender of the Hart:
  • Nothing new.

New Biz

Coeur d'Con:
  • Artos to attend to further marshal training.
  • Have booth through Jake. Plus temporary tax ID in case anyone wishes to sell.
  • 10a-4p, meeting at 9a to setup.
  • Fighting to be from 1p-3p.
  • Attendance is free.
Defender of the Hart (2017):
  • Reviewed site. Requires several cleanup days to host.
  • Promising sites: Hayburn, Farragut, YMCA camps (Soylaken)

Yard sale to be announced later on Canton Facebook once dates locked down. Others welcome to join.

Motion to nominate Jake as Chronicler. Passed.

Next meeting moved to September 11th. Passed.

Motion to close the meeting. Passed: 6:52 PM

Next meeting August 7th

Motion to close the meeting. Passed: 7:07 PM

In Attendance:

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