Meeting Sunday 7/10/16

6:09 PM (Donut house), 9 in attendance, recorded by Arthur Bearden

June minutes approved.


  • Chatelaine: Several newcomers interested, no contacts. Almost 20 newcomer packets handed out. Could use donations for packets including game pieces (flattened marbles), crayons, colored pencils, etc.
  • Master of Stables: No action last month. Armoring day in Silver Valley today (planning another next week).
  • Gold Key: Open. Clothes still need laundering.
  • Chronicler: No news. Need official Chronicler.
  • Lists: Open.
  • Exchequer: Not present. Needs to know if she can order more checks. Unknown cost. Motion to approve up to $50 for checks and supplies, passed. Made $25 at Defender. Need balance.
  • Herald: Open.
  • A&S: No news.
  • Seneschal: No news.

Old Biz

Defender of the Hart:
  • BBQ was canceled due to lightning, to be rescheduled.
  • Champions: New A&S (Claire) and bardic (Sigred) champion from Defender. Boden rapier champion. Tighearnach heavy champion and overall. No games or archery champion due to weather.

New Biz

Defender of the Hart (7/10/16):
  • Jake and Ted interested in co-stewarding event. Motioned, passed.
  • Intend to create a camping event.
  • Potential site in Spirit Lake
  • 25-27th August 2017?
Demo (2017):
  • $150 cost to rent city park.
  • Possible bake sale to recoup costs?
  • Need reserved parking (additional cost to do so?)
  • Father's Day weekend?
  • Make portable holes?
Feast of Fools (2017):
  • 2 people have volunteered for kitchen.
  • Site reserved.
Coeur d'Con:
  • Heard back from organizers.
  • August 13th, need to recon location for space for demo.
  • Potential unofficial demo/fighter practice.
Next meeting August 7th

Motion to close the meeting. Passed: 7:07 PM

In Attendance:

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