Meeting Sunday 4/10/16

6:08 PM (Donut house), 9 in attendance, recorded by Arthur Bearden

March minutes approved


  • Chatelaine: Nothing new.
  • Master of Stables: Minimal attendance. Possibly moving practice night.
  • Gold Key: Open. Nothing to report.
  • Chronicler: No news. Need official Chronicler.
  • Lists: Open.
  • Exchequer: Open. No report.
  • Herald: Open.
  • A&S: Nothing to report.
  • Seneschal: Two deputies interested. On a drive for officers. Quarterly reports due May 1st.

Old Biz


New Biz

Defender of the Hart (6/18/16):
  • Site copy sent.
  • Suhayla has newcomer packets.
  • Site token not yet chosen. Lily has acorn caps to possibly use.
  • Need donations to go into defender's box for overall winner.
  • Optional potluck after event (unplanned due to lack of interest in past years)?
  • Any merchants are required to get permit through City of Coeur d'Alene a week ahead of time.
Feast of Fools 2017:
  • Lily is interested in stewarding, Ophelia as deputy.
Late Day BBQ:
  • Undetermined date, Aug 5th?
Brendan McAlun- Interested in running a demo:
  • Coeur d'Con (August 13, 2016)? Lily to contact.
  • Con d'Alene (Post Falls, unknown date)
Thorston- Boy Scout leadership changing. May be able to re-open talks.

Ophelia willing to run Border War if offered to canton.

Officer Changeover:
  • Ophelia for Exchequer. Motioned, passed.
  • Astrid possibly deputy, unsure which position.
  • Brendan McAlun and Artos interested in deputy Master of Stables.
Upcoming Events: Motion to close the meeting. Passed: 7:06 PM

In Attendance:
Brendan McAlun

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