Meeting Sunday 3/6/16

6:06 PM (Donut house), 10 in attendance, recorded by Arthur Bearden

Feb minutes approved


  • Chatelaine: Nothing new.
  • Master of Stables: Non-enthusiastic response to fighter practice.
  • Gold Key: Open.
  • Chronicler: No news. Need official Chronicler.
  • Lists: Open.
  • Exchequer: Not present. No report, unknown balance. (Est. $2054 seneschal will report after meeting) Needs a deputy.
  • Herald: Open.
  • A&S: No events. Andy open to woodworking class during the summer.
  • Seneschal: Report is in. Still need Deputy Seneschal.

Old Biz

Feast of Fools (held 2/20/16):
  • Was enjoyed by all.
  • Last minute site change saved Canton money, even after losing deposit on first site.
  • 85 feast RSVPs, about 54 at feast.
  • Made $200-$250 profit.
  • Foolages were unclear, but netted $58. To be donated to a charity.
  • Awards:
    • Rapier: Michael Lancaster
    • Heavy: Conner
    • A&S: Jennette
    • Bardic: No winner
    • Table Setting: Luna & Unknown
    • Silly Garb: Robert Chenewith
  • Lily is interested to autocrat Feast of Fools 2017.

New Biz

Artos interested in Calypso's for monthly meeting space. Would need to be before 4pm on Sundays.

Defender of the Hart (6/18/16):
  • Site is reserved. Need check for fee ($150).
  • Need tent dimensions for May Crown reservations.
  • Survey for Iron & Ink on Facebook/Townsquare needs response.
  • Oasis War coming up.
Canton should start thinking about another Crown event. Last event was 2013.

Motion to close the meeting. Passed: 7:21 PM

In Attendance:

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