Meeting Saturday 2/7/16

8:02 PM (Donut house), 8 in attendance, recorded by Arthur Bearden


  • Chatelaine: Not present. Quarter report is in. Made new contact. Due to extended student teaching, Janusch to take over Defender.
  • Master of Stables: No news.
  • Gold Key: Open.
  • Chronicler: No news. Need Chronicler.
  • Lists: Open.
  • Exchequer: Not present. No report, unknown balance.
  • Herald: Open.
  • A&S: No events. May move to mini-workshops instead of weekly events.
  • Seneschal: Still need Deputy Seneschal.

New Business

Feast of Fools (2/20/16):
  • Location: Lake City Senior Center, 1916 N Lakewood Dr, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814
  • Gate fee: $14 w/ feast. $10 w/o.
  • Still need volunteers (gate, cook, list).
  • Need check for $40 for site tokens and crowns.
  • Fina received check for food and will be ordering produce. Has been testing recipies.
  • Juliana will not be present at event, Roland will be substituting.
  • Events:
    • Noon- Laurel meeting
    • 1pm- Rapier
    • 3pm- Spanish feast start (possibly 4pm to allow rapier tournament to finish)
    • 5pm- Court
    • ???- Heavy
    • ???- Bardic
  • Activities:
    • Silly Garb contest for Tabitha de Gourney: best use of orange.
    • Best BS Documention contest (silver shovel award- actual award to be discussed).
    • Embroidery class
    • Roland will be teaching dancing.
    • Kids' popsicle catapults.
    • Scintillating six toybox largess.
    • Best table setting competition.
    • Foolages.
  • Prizes have not been established yet.
  • Belly dancers to be comped gate fee for performance.

Defender of the Hart (6/18/16):

  • Janusch to take over event steward due to Lily being busy.
  • Location: 7th Street Park, 711 E Montana Ave, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

New Event: War of the Baronies (1st Weekend in May)
  • East Antir vs. West Antir
  • To be held in Cle Elem

Motion to approve minutes from last two meetings, passed.

Motion to close the meeting. Passed: 8:31 PM

In Attendance:

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